I’m quite excited this morning, and for a good reason! In just three hours, I will be attending my first anime convention, and on top of that, cosplaying! I’ve been trying to find a local convention (that I actually could attend) for four years. A long time to wait! But, finally, I’ll be able to have a good time there, and possibly make some new friends. Exciting!

Time for a real post

To be honest, I’m not too sure why I joined this website. Usually blogging websites just aren’t the thing for me. I either lose interest quickly, or forget all of my information. I think, possibly, it may be for the refreshing feeling of just being in a new community, different from all the other sites I go on a daily basis. Or maybe it’s because I wanted a place where nobody knows me. Perhaps both! But who cares? This is just going to be a blog of my own for now, for me to do with as I please.